Food Wars (A First World Problem)

If we told our ancestors that in the future we would be having food wars, they probably would have laughed. Because, truly it is humorous that we are fighting over the correct things to eat so much that we are excluding each other from friend circles etc. based on our eating choices.


Our identities have become literally tied up in how we eat. We now have vegans, vegetarians, paleos, carnivores, etc. On social media we will often see someone displaying their way of eating in their description of themselves. Its seriously time for us to step back and look at how ridiculous this is.


As human beings, we must eat. What is humorous is that overall we seem clueless about what we are actually supposed to eat to achieve optimal health. Our insecurities regarding this are at the basis of the food wars. We are the only species that doesn’t know how its supposed to eat. We can’t even agree on what type of digestive system or teeth we have and when I ponder this deeply, I am amazed at how bizarre it is.

To more deeply understand this issue, lets go into a very observant space and explore some perspectives. Lets first pretend that all grocery stores are gone. We each must fend for ourselves to eat. Lets also pretend that we have to do this immediately. We have to ask ourselves some questions… Do I have seeds to plant? Do I live in an area where food will grow in the ground easily? Is it winter? Do we get enough rain here? Do I know how to hunt? Do I know how to handle an animal once it is dead? Most of us will not answer yes to the majority of these questions.


What does this mean? It means that the true issue at hand is the fact that we are pathetically dependent on a system for food. A system that knows we are dependent on it for food. Which leads us to the next obvious questions: Is this system benevolent? Is it greedy? Is it gaining anything from my lack of know how? And then we must be brave enough to answer these questions honestly. If the last two answers are yes then we must entertain the possibility that this system does not want us to be independent. It does not want us to have knowledge and it certainly doesn’t want us to be self sufficient.


This means that it is very possible that everything we are fed in regard to knowledge about food may be complete bullshit. And when we entertain this possibility, we can see clearly why there is so much contradictory information for us to soak up and fight about thus keeping us in distraction with each other instead of pursuing the truth and self sufficiency.


We must realize that it is possible that everything we are told is a lie. And behind that lie is an agenda. We must be willing to try different ways of eating for ourselves and see what happens with our health. And we must be willing to stop judging and fighting each other in this pursuit.


Objectively speaking, if each person mastered self sufficiency regarding food, there would be no issues with factory farming or nutrient dead produce from chemicals and overused soil. When we deeply ponder this, take accountability and action, the food wars will end and our health will improve.


Then we can collectively figure out how to make sure no one in the world is starving. Then we can use our knowledge to empower each other instead of fight with each other. We can then abandon making food some kind of new religion and instead focus on health only. We can lose our rigidness and stubbornness and adhere to what actually works.


I believe this is the sane way to approach food and the way to heal ourselves and our planet regarding food. Its time we all accepted this call to action in place of bitching and whining about how we are destroying the planet by how we are eating.


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.