Living Your Purpose By Finding Your Soul

Many people speak about a soul but don’t actually know what it is. Therefore, we are going to explain what your soul is in order for you to have a better understanding of your humanity and your purpose.


Your soul is the part of you that connects your divinity to your humanity. This sounds like a simple concept but to understand Divinity you have to be able to merge yourself into the perspective of the Big Picture.


The Big Picture is what you all call God or The Universe. The truth about the Big Picture is that it encompasses everything. Everything. There is nothing that is excluded from the Big Picture. Even what you call evil is included in the Big Picture.


That being said, you must understand that your soul is an extension of the Big Picture which then creates a human experience.


If you could split your humanity into three layers, it could be explained like this: There is a layer which is purely spiritual, a layer which is purely physical and a layer which is both. Your soul is aligned with the layer which is both.


It is the intelligence of your soul which animates your body. In other words it is a specific type of consciousness. It is a special type of energetic functioning because it understands that it is both a physical expression and The Big Picture. Without your soul your physical body cannot work. That is how important it is to your existence. In a way, it is your existence. Therefore the perspective from the soul is quite wise and worth exploring.


Most people will talk about their soul as if it is an emotion of some kind. The soul is not an emotion. It can feel emotion just as all of Divinity itself can feel emotions but it is is not just an emotion.


It is the beginning of the individualization of your human expression. It is still in such a position of knowing that it knows it true existence is not only physical. Its true existence is an extension of the Big Picture experiencing itself through separation. This perspective can then contribute to the Big Picture in order to grow it and evolve it.


Therefore, when you say that you are feeling your soul, what you are saying is that you are able to feel the space in-between the Big Picture and your tiny perspective of your physical existence.


This is a different approach to understanding the soul compared to understanding it through feeling certain emotions. Because humanity is confused about the relationship between the soul, emotions and the physical body, we will go further into this concept.


To understand the relationship between your emotions, your soul and your physical body, we want you to understand that your emotions are also in the middle ground. Your emotions are part of your physical body and part of your Spirit. That is why they are so important. That is also why you can affect emotions with physicality such as taking a pill but why you cannot change emotions completely or force them to change through only physical means.


Your physicality is the ending or the final product of the creation process in regard to your human experience. Understanding this you can comprehend why something only physical cannot completely alter something spiritual. Furthermore, it is why something purely spiritual CAN completely alter something physical. (In your world today, this is called miracles.)


When you speak about the seat of the soul we want you to understand what you are saying. The seat of the soul sits in your heart space within your physical body. You literally have a portal in the middle of your chest connecting you to The Big Picture. The intelligence of your soul also sits within your human body field which is all around and through your physical body. Because the soul is part of the spiritual world it can both fill the physical and take up space in the non physical.


This means that every person’s soul is interacting through these fields, thus connecting you to everyone who exists.


This is why emotions from others such as love and compassion or anger and sadness can directly affect the way you feel. Things like love and compassion, anger and sadness are also shared by both the spiritual and physical thus affecting these aspects of you.


It is also why your willingness to practice emotions such as love and compassion towards yourself can have a profound ripple effect within your physical experience. On the flip side, it is why emotions that go untended like anger and sadness can have a devastating effect on your physical experience.


Because the soul is a specific type of consciousness, it lives in every piece and particle of you. But your access to feeling it is in your human heart space where you feel such things as compassion and love.


The Big Picture understands that energy such as compassion and love are so powerful, they can alter physicality. If the Big Picture knows this, so does your soul. Therefore, to begin deeply interacting with your soul, it is wise to practice your ability to feel such powerful emotions towards yourself and others. It is also wise to realize that the “negative” emotions are simply opposites which alert you to the fact that something is in need of attention. The attention needed is to hold presence with these emotions offering your compassion to them in order to help them find their way into their own version of wholeness (their opposite).


This practice of emotional alchemy awakens your ego (your perception of yourself) to the reality of your soul and begins to teach it to trust it.  It begins to trust it because as these emotions transform, the ego feels relief. As trust is established in the ego, it begins to loosen its stranglehold of how life should be lived allowing the soul to take the driver’s seat.


Since the soul is the beginning of your human experience it is easy to understand that it also knows the purpose for your human experience.


Thus, when the soul is in the driver’s seat of your human experience, you experience your true purpose. Therefore, to find your purpose, practice emotional alchemy in your darkest places to connect your perception of you to your soul.


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.