London Real’s Business Accelerator FTW

Have you ever heard the name of something and were unable to get it out of your head? That is what happened to me with London Real’s Business Accelerator. I knew that I needed someone or something to help me organize my ideas and monetize my abilities. But I had no idea who or what that would be. And honestly, I didn’t believe it was possible for me to be taught everything I needed to know quickly and easily. I WAS WRONG.


I signed up for this course with Brian Rose having no idea what I was getting into but I couldn’t deny the magnetic pull. One thing I have learned in my life is to pay attention to magnetism. We are drawn to things for a purpose and it is futile to move against our life’s momentum.


The first assignment was to film 10 vlogs in 10 days about your business idea, unedited, real, raw and with purpose. This sets the stage for the beautiful brutality of this life changing course. I decided I would tell my personal story in these vlogs. It has historically been the hardest part of my business because my story is weird, tragic, embarrassing and magical all in one. My story is also undeniably necessary to communicate for my business success.


I had such incredible feedback from my peers when I put these vlogs onto my facebook page that I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe anyone actually wanted to watch them! I immediately had women coming out of the woodwork, private messaging me about their experiences with abuse and their desire to heal.


I cannot describe how this changed my perspective on myself and what I am passionate about doing in this life. I began to really believe in me. I used the feedback of these women to ignite my courage to speak even more candidly about my own experience with abuse. I pushed my fear of rejection deep into the background and created a vision. I would create a platform of healing that was so powerful, it could reach even the most asleep victim. I would create a digital product so profound, it would bring great solace and growth to the most damaged. I would create a system so organized, it could reach anyone, anywhere as long as they had access to internet.


And thankfully, this course is helping me to do just that. I have learned how to organize material into a digital product, how to have absolute control and understanding of my own website, how to market to those who need my help without spending a dime, and how to tweak this cycle over and over again to reach the most people with the most efficiency and success.


In addition to that, I have made friends for life. The culture of this accelerator is full of heart and connection. I have learned from every single person I’ve had the privilege of interacting with. I have felt lifted up when sad, encouraged when stifled and most of all, I have felt believed in.


What a course! May we all be so successful that we bring great value to the people of this world. May we all move forward with such purposeful intensity that we never regret one moment invested in ourselves and what we love.


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.