Loving Your Life Affirmation

Loving Your Life Affirmation 


 (Life is your partner. Treat it as such. You hold your Lives prisoner – You say to your lives: “I will not love you unless you meet all of these requirements.”  Do you think that you own your Life or do you think that your Life owns you?  The Truth is:  Your life owns you.  And some more truth:  Your life LOVES you.  More than you can imagine. You are the integral part of it.  

What we are saying to you is so important, because if you would all wake up in the morning and greet your Life with humility and with thankfulness you would be happier and healthier.  Wake up and say this to your Life everyday!


"Good Morning Life. I know that for my whole Life, I’ve been trying to control you. I know that most mornings I wake up and I move forth within you as if I have all the say so.  And I realize now that that is very untrue.  

And, I’m very angry with you, because I feel that you have taught me thru so much heartache.

But, I don’t want to be angry with you anymore.

And I don’t want to control you anymore.

I want to be in harmony with you.

I want to understand you.

I want to know your Vision.

I want to know what you think of me.

I want to know what plans you have for me.

So, today, I’m willing to be still within you.

Today, I’m willing to be taught.

Today, I’m willing to see thru different eyes.

I realize that my vision has been very tiny.

I realize that your vision is large.

And although it scares me to let you be in charge – I’m realizing that you always have been.

So, help me Trust you.

Help me Believe in you.

Help me Love you.

Because I’m so tired of being afraid of you."


If we were in your shoes, each one of you, that is what we would wake up and say to our Life.


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.