Relationship between you and God

Regarding manifesting, the attitude is often “Show Me!” and Spirit goes…well, shit, what are we going to do?!! We are showing you but you are not seeing. You are too aggressive and self righteous. When you are in a truly receptive and authentic space existing in the sacredness between you and the Big Picture, then you are no longer thinking of manifestations in the same way. In this scenario, you are much more likely and willing to have humility and respect for the God part of you because you realize the God part of you has this so together –“I’m absolutely inferior to what you are showing me. My idea of how this all needs to happen is inferior to what you are showing me. I am humbled. I am willing to be taught. These are the things I would like. I am willing to learn them in the way that is most wise. I’m willing to open all my doors and to be taught into all the things I want.” When you really start understanding this, then your experience with manifestation will be completely different and you will be very “worthy” of teaching others. Not enough of you actually spends enough time and effort really understanding these concepts and how to apply them. Really understanding that at the core of everything is a relationship — a relationship between you and God. You respect, you become harmonious, you listen, you deeply love, you show kindness, you show patience –you see?! It makes your world soooo much bigger! As you slow down, then you become more receptive. As you become more receptive, your world gets bigger because you are able to receive more. What are manifestations but the ability to receive? But if you are constantly putting forth a forceful energy which says: “I know how this should go. I know everything” Do you feel how taut that energy is? There is no give. There is


no receptivity in it. That IS the block.


You change this and your whole life changes!


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.