“Studying with Angel-Geschichte has truly transformed my life.  Having been mentored by the Angelic Realm for more than three years, I have radically improved my marriage by awakening deep honesty, more transparent communication, greater intimacy and soul connection.  I have improved my physical and emotional health dramatically by learning how to recognize my deepest emotions, feelings and belief systems.  I’ve been able to release old belief patterns that kept me stuck in a non-passionate career and have explored completely new and adventurous life plans which truly excite me.  I’ve become a powerful professional energy healer, working with both family and clients in-person and through distance healing and witnessed the radical healing of my mother’s kidney disease.


Through my teachings, I’ve opened new pathway connections with my own spiritual guidance and have expanded my intuitive and empathic psychic skills.  I’ve gained the ability to feel and communicate with the living energy of my deceased parents. I also have learned how to harness Geschichte’s divine consciousness to clear energies on land, in homes and personal property and am professionally paid for this work.  In addition to engaging in deeply complex and mind-opening conversations with Angel-Geschichte each week, as students we are assigned weekly homework exploration to help us delve honestly into our life.  It’s often painful work early-on, because it requires self-reflection and deep honesty.  But the exercises build upon themselves as they transform us from the inside out.  By using Geschichte’s offerings of divine intelligent prayers, meditations, healing sessions and other practicums, we are equipped with everything we need to independently create the life of our dreams.  It’s hard to describe the immense awe that I feel, being fortunate enough to study with the divine intelligence of the Universe each week.  Not only have I gained deep personal life-long friendships with my peers and with Angel and Keith, but I am blessed to feel great love from Geschichte towards me and my family, and I extend, with a humble heart, my vastly-felt love, respect, honor and joy towards these collective non-physical beings who have graced humanity with their presence in order to teach us how to live a human life that is more similar to an angelic life.


Today, I feel equipped with more “spiritual and mystical tools-in-the-toolbox” than I could use in an entire lifetime, and life has greater flow, more clarity and deeper harmony than I ever imagined.


Studying with Geschichte has led to a transformation of my life.  Like any transformation, it is neither immediate nor is it without work, dedication, and humility.  Additionally, their love and great concern for my well-being, as well as all of humanity, is incredible and overwhelming. When I first came into the class, I thought that I was well down the spiritual path.  What they helped me to realize, is that I had lots of blocked energy which was keeping me from my highest and best potential.  I had many buried secrets and old hurts which I had not dealt with. 


These issues were not allowing pure love and energy to flow freely through me.  As the angelic realm, they knew and felt that.  They then both provided me with the tools to unblock these issues, as well as provided pure, loving energy to facilitate that to happen. With any normal spiritual counselor or therapist, he/she only can understand the information that you provide them along with whatever sensing capability that they have.  With the angelic realm, they already know your issues and know how to guide you to solve them.  The typical “games” that many spiritual students try to use to avoid dealing with any disturbing issues are totally ineffective with Geschichte as they KNOW the root of the problem.  This has been a wonderful benefit, as often I was unable to truly understand what the REAL issue was.  They have allowed me to get at my core problems and deal with these to put my life on the path of love and harmony. With this blossoming of myself as a person, this has enabled my marriage to be a transparent one of love and mutual respect.  Never did I imagine that our marriage, or any marriage, could be such a true union of two souls.  Geschichte confronted me with several issues that I had neither dealt with nor revealed to my spouse.  This was a very painful, difficult, but necessary time.  As I knew that the angelic realm only wanted the very best for me, I accepted their counsel to make myself a better person and the counsel to make me a better husband.  I will never be sufficiently grateful for all that Geschichte has done for me and my wife.


More importantly, I have seen everyone in our class transform their lives, as well.  Each person has made such dramatic leaps in their lives and are much more content, serene, joyful, and at peace.  They are on the path to fulfilling their lives work here on Earth.  When I am asked about working with Geschichte and the angelic realm, my response is always “Why would you not want to work with angels, who only want the very best for you?”  I am so, so, so grateful that I am their student and that I was fortunate enough to find them.  I am equally as grateful that I have this experience every single week – hallelujuh!!


I have been studying with Angel-Geschichte consistently for three years. I will be forever grateful to Angel and Keith for giving me and my classmates the access and ability to be taught by Geschichte. Moreover, I am in awe of who I and my classmates have become. In the last three years, I have learned a quality and ease of life that I didn’t know existed. Besides learning essential new skills and knowledge that combine the wisdom of the divine with my earthly existence, my heart is full. It’s as if Geschichte’s absolute and unwavering understanding and love for me has filled in every part of my being. I am no longer hungry or dependent upon others for love or support. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate others caring, but I am now more than enough as I am. I feel complete and my life is no longer about fixing or healing or wanting. I have all that I need. So, now that I have all that I need, I look forward to what more Geschichte has to teach me about contribution and the unfolding of the cosmic plan on this planet. Geschichte always has more to teach me – and is always willing.​


My first experience with Angel-Geschichte was in May, 2016 where I attended an afternoon workshop with them. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to study with them and took my first class in December, 2016. In 2017, I started an 11 month class with them that was phenomenal. They helped me to work through the sexual abuse issues and all of the fallout that comes with being sexually abused at an early age. Each week, I traveled deeply into my body and released the stored trauma that had been in my stomach, intestines, and many other places my entire life. Anxiety and panic are almost gone now. My insomnia is not completely healed but I do sleep at night now and feel so much better! Geschichte goes deep and very fast so it's an incredible, intense and amazing journey to work with them and I relish every step of the way.