The Divine Spark and the tempering of Humanity

Geschichte: So we’d like to keep going with the theme that we’ve had the times that we’ve talked before, and the reason we would like to keep going with this theme — the theme of the tempering that you’re all going through, this theme of how you deal with this tempering is because it’s the main focus of you anyway. It’s the main focus of humanity. Every person that we counsel is going through something, needing help going through something and so we think there is nothing more relevant than to continue this topic.


So we spoke before about how this tempering is causing you to choose the nature of who you’re becoming. And you all know of people in your world who are choosing to become worse, and then you have sitting around you all the people who are choosing to become better. And this is the essence of choice in your world right now. You can’t exactly choose how your life unfolds. You can’t exactly choose the monumental occurrences. However, you can choose how you respond to them, and you can choose who you are within them.


And how do you make these choices? You make these choices by first assessing, “Who do I want to be in this situation? Whatever the situation is that I’m having difficulty with, whoever this person is I’m having difficulty with or people, who do I want to be within it? If I was watching a movie, who would I be in the movie? What would inspire me? What would inspire me to be better? What would I want to see?”


And then once you have that going — that understanding about what you would like, who you would like to be — imagine you’re watching it play in front of you. What are the characteristics of that person in that scenario? How does that person think? How does that person interact with others? How does that person respond to insults? How does that person respond to criticism? How does that person show love to others? How does that person contribute even in the face of difficulty? Do you see how it starts to paint a picture for you?


And this isn’t something that humans often do. It’s something humans rarely do. Humans normally respond quickly. A better word is react, and then later have regret. And that regret comes in a couple of different ways. Either it’s honest regret. “I regret how I responded. I regret how I reacted.” Or it’s denial regret where the blame is still going on the other person or the situation. Either way, they’re both regret. They’re both about a form of disappointment, and that’s really important to understand because when you understand that all types of disappointment that you feel — if you truly don’t feel proud in your heart of how you have interacted in a situation then you have regret. It really is that simple. And we notice that many humans will try to convince themselves that there isn’t regret there. “No, I’m happy with how I responded because so-and-so blah, blah, blah.” And there is a lot of justification. And any time there’s a lot of justification, there is a lie. That is the essence of human’s justifications. Lies.


So in order to get to the kernel of truth you’ve got to be willing to criticize yourself, and we don’t mean that in a way of beating yourself up. That’s pointless. We mean in a way of having an honest critique with yourself. “How do I wish I would’ve responded? If this was on a movie for the whole world to see, how would I feel proud of me in it?” Can you feel that? Can you feel the difference? So this is how we encourage you to start thinking about your life, and when you’re faced with difficulties this is how we encourage you to pause before responding and ask yourself, “What will it take within me for me to respond in a way that makes me feel proud of myself? Will it take a little time. Will it take a little time and for me to not say anything for a little while? Maybe so.


And on that same note we’re not encouraging that you just don’t say anything ever, because then that is just denial and that is its own type of response, isn’t it? But to just pause and decide who I want to be within that. And you know, if you guys would just engage in this tiny little process, your relationships would get at least 30% better — at least 30% right off the bat, just from this one thing, if everyone would engage in such a way. Can you feel that?


So, how do you know, when you can feel yourself in a situation, and you can feel that adrenaline pumping and you can feel that anger starting to rise — how do you stop that? If we were in your shoes, when we notice that it was coming forth, we would breathe, deeply. And we would remember, “Movie. Who do I want to be in the movie?” And we would shut ourselves up, and we would practice listening, even if the person speaking to you is completely out of line, we would practice listening. We would practice feeling. We would say, “You know, I’m going to put myself on the shelf for a minute. I’m going to put my emotions and my need to have my emotions be a certain way on a shelf and just for the sake of experimentation, I’m going to deeply listen to what this person has to say.” And by deeply listening, we mean “I’m going to feel what they’re emitting. I’m going to feel past their anger. I’m going to feel deeper into what they’re saying, so that I have a better comprehension of what is being communicated to me.”


Because, see, most humans aren’t very good at actually communicating what they’re really feeling. And if you are in a place of extreme anger, usually there are many other emotions under that have been unaddressed with that specific individual. Not always but usually. Meaning that there’s often already a dynamic of miscommunication or lack of communication before the anger is present. Ok? And a lot of the reason you guys get into that angry place is because you have experienced this energy exchange within your own heart, within your own mind, within your own thoughts many, many times over a course of days, weeks, months, years, depending on the relationship, and so you have your own story going of who that person is to you. And the deeper that is, the more built that dynamic is, the less likely it is that you can hear that person anymore. Do you understand what we’re saying? Which means that it takes even more effort on your part to slow yourself down and deeply listen. Because, remember that person has the same thing going on within them, but for those of you that are in this room listening on this recording and for those of you study with us, we are holding you to a higher standard because once you know, once you know, you must change it. Yes? Once you know then there are no excuses anymore.


And we have such a vision for you guys of what this world could be and how quickly the world could be it. You’d be amazed how quickly the world could become 80% better if just enough of you were willing to engage with others in this way. If enough of you were willing to abandon your need to be right and to just deeply listen to what someone else is saying, and to assess — “Based on what this person is saying and based on what I’m really feeling within them, I can understand better their needs. And because I love this person, I’m going to assess what I can do to fulfill those needs. What is in my wheelhouse? What can I offer to help them feel more peaceful with me? What can I offer to help them feel more trusting of me?” Do you feel how this changes your perspective? How it starts to change the me, me, me into you, you, you? And you’re not denying what you’re going through the entire time. That has nothing to do with it. You’re assessing what you’re going through the entire time. But you’re also realizing, “What I’m going through, I can go through within myself and not fling chaos onto this person until I sort through my own chaos and know exactly what I want to offer them in — by means of, ‘What am I trying to say? What are my deep needs?’”


And so if you can get good at assessing what somebody else’s deep needs are and what your deep needs are, then you can really get into successful communication. And the more people you have willing to communicate in this way, the healthier your relationships will be.


So those of you who are our students, for example, Frank and Louise. Frank and Louise are married. Have you experienced what we’re speaking of?


Louise: Definitely.


Geschichte: And has it improved your marriage?


Louise: Tremendously.


Geschichte: By what percent?


Louise: 100 percent. 200 percent. Completely.


Geschichte: And how many years have you been married?


Frank: 11


Geschichte: And they’re not unique other than that they’re both willing. That’s the uniqueness. But they both have a genuine love for one another and desire to have the most harmonious relationship. And if that is your true heart’s desire — to have harmonious relationships with others — then you, too, can achieve this.


We’re going to talk a little bit about judgment and the role that judgment plays in you guy’s relationships. Most humans are in a perpetual state of judgment of other humans, even if they dearly love the other humans. They’re still looking at everything they’re doing and nitpicking it. And regarding energy, you guys can feel you doing that to each other. You might not be able to articulate it, but you can feel it. And, what does judgment do? Does it do anything? It really doesn’t. It really does nothing. If you are disappointed in an individual, if you notice that the majority of your thoughts about an individual are negative-type thoughts, they aren’t uplifting-type thoughts, then it is necessary to take some steps out of that person’s life. Not because it’s that person’s fault. Even if they are a total turd. But because it’s your responsibility to assess, “I am not having kind thoughts toward this individual. Meaning that no matter even if I’m putting a smile on my face, I am not emitting something beneficial to this individual. And because I am engaging in a very basic respect for all of mankind, I’m going to back away from anyone that I am not emitting respect toward.”


So notice everything we are speaking of is putting it in your court. Are you noticing that? And the truth of all your relationships is that if you can put it in your own court for the most part and act in a mature and loving way, you can have very successful relationships. And you can make much more honest and educated — educated by yourself — educated decisions about who to be in relationships with. Okay?


So what we are saying is we see zero point to staying in relationships with people that you cannot find anything positive about. Not because the other person is bad but because you can’t see their good. Now some people are cultivating the good within themselves a lot more than others, and if it is your perception that someone is cultivating the bad more, then do you really want to be around them anyway? No. Hopefully not. And in that scenario, if it’s someone that you truly care about and that you’re truly concerned about, you can still take steps out of their life, work on the way you perceive them, work on really building up their potential that you see within your own belief in them within you. Then you can start to emit something to them that is powerful, that is uplifting, that is beneficial, even if you’re not around them. Because you’re all energetic beings, and anytime you think a thought about someone, you are emitting energy toward them. Anytime you speak about someone, you are emitting energy toward them, even stronger energy, because now you’ve engaged thought and the energy of spoken word.


So in order for you guys to truly start to create harmony with each other, you’ve got to accept that this is all true. You’ve got to accept that it’s true. And you’ve got to take responsibility for what you’re emitting. You’ve got to start assessing better what you want to emit, what you have been emitting, and then what you want to emit. You see? It’s simple when we explain it this way. And the concept is very simple. The execution is a little more difficult, especially when it is family members. Part of the reason we’re speaking in this way is because you guys are about to experience Christmas. And from our vantage point in this country, Christmas is tumultuous for many. Not for everyone but for many. For many, there is a sense of dread instead of a sense of excitement. And we would really love to see all of you in states of excitement regarding your family. And the beautiful thing about it is that even if your family members are not up to par in your opinion, you can correct yourself enough that how you feel about them is still the essence of great love. Meaning that you can even be in the presence of those who are not trying to cultivate the good and still be able to be more in touch with your great love for them than their nasty emission.


And as far as we are concerned, that is some magic in the ability to do that. The more of you that can do that can influence in a way that we don’t even have words to describe to you. Because do you know what happens when you are emitting the great love toward someone who isn’t interested in cultivating themselves in a good way? Do you know that you’re sending a message to them energetically that says, “I believe in you. I see your potential. I feel very strongly about who you really are in there, and I’m willing to pay more attention to that energetically and within my own space of mind, just to be kind to myself. I’m willing to pay more attention to that, to encourage you.” That person will feel that and will, in fact, start to behave differently around you. It might take a few times, but they won’t even know it’s happening. They’ll just realize, “Hm, for some reason when I’m around this person I feel more comfortable. For some reason when I’m around this person, I feel accepted.”


And at the core of all of your “bad behaviors” is fear and insecurity. And, of course, there are many on this planet who are taking that very far and being horrible expressions of humanity. But the same basis applies. They are afraid, and they are insecure. And that has a certain momentum. Just like love and safety has a momentum. And, so, when someone’s been caught up in that type of momentum, usually their behavior gets worse and worse. They feel more and more isolated. They feel more and more unloved. They have more of a fight going on all the time. More resistance and are, therefore, harder to be around. But when you can allow yourself a more broad perspective and understand that the basis components of what that individual is experiencing is fear and insecurity, then you can better start to understand their deep needs, and at least energetically you can emit acceptance, safety, love, compassion.


Compassion is huge for those that are experiencing such things. And all of you had experiences where you have felt fear and insecurity, and it has affected your behaviors. And hopefully you have a memory of someone who could offer you compassion, you could feel what it did for you, you could feel how it would soothe you. And you all have that within you to offer to others. And, so, we would advise you to practice. Practice when you’re in bed at night emitting this type of compassion toward those having a difficult time. Be more concerned with what you can emit to help them move forward in regard to their deep needs. Focus more on that than on their wrongdoings. And this goes for individuals and this goes for large groups of people.


And if you guys could change your way of thinking in this way, if you could change your focus so that this is more of what you’re interacting with, this is more of what you’re doing instead of complaining about your idiot leaders and such, you’d make so much more headway in the world. You’d see things changing so much faster. Because the strongest energy has the most power. And the energy of love, the energy of acceptance, the energy of compassion — those are the strongest energies. Hatred is a weak energy, in fact. It’s just extreme disappointment. That’s what hatred is. So you can feel that’s weak. Wha’s that going to do? Nothing. We would consider that it’s a waste of your precious life, a waste of your precious energy, to hold your focus in those areas more than 10 seconds at a time. It’s worthless to engage in conversation about it. Essentially it’s just worthless all the way around. And even if you can hear people complaining or you read people complaining, you can practice the deep listening even still. And be able to assess, “Ah, this person is very afraid. So I’m going to find that place within me that feels some security. I’m going to emit that instead of allowing their fear to influence me and mine. Instead, I’m going to cultivate my sense of security, my sense of safety, my sense of belief in humanity. I’m going to emit that. I don’t need to argue about it — that’s also pointless. But I’m going to practice feeling differently than the norm.”


Is this all understandable? And can you feel how important it is for your world right now? And we promise you if everyone would engage in this in such a way, your world would change so quickly, so quickly. And you guys would feel comfortable with each other, and you would feel safe with each other, and you would feel alive with each other, and you would feel inspired by each other. You would work together with each other more often to create beautiful things. All kinds of beautiful things. You’re explorers, and you’re creators. You aren’t complainers. Remember the divine spark that we spoke of last time? The divine spark within each of you, which you are either growing or shrinking. We’ve explained more tools today of how to grow this divine spark, how to shrink the darkness within you until it is no more. And if all of you can become the purest essence of your divine spark and interact with each other with only using your divine spark, you will be amazed at what you then create and what you can then explore. And you’ll be amazed at the powers that start emerging from you.


Because each of you has dormant within you great and wonderful powers that can only be activated through the great, great love. And if you do not explore this within your lifetime, if you do not make it your absolute commitment in your lifetime, you will never know your beautiful powers. And that’s a shame. But all true power comes from the great love. Everything else is a weakness.


Did you all enjoy this topic. And will it help you family unfoldings. Abandon your need to be right. It’s worthless. We love you all very much.


Alyssa: What is the magic?


Geschichte: Magic is the true essence of you. Magic is everything that we’ve been speaking of. And when we say that there are dormant powers within you, this is what we are speaking of. But the true magic of you is activated through the great love, through the great kindness. And it’s not so easy for us to describe but once you begin engaging it, you experience it. And we know that you already have started to experience it. Yes? And magic is energy, but you cannot have available to you all the beautiful, miraculous energy without the beautiful great love. We know that’s kind of vague, but it’s enough.


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.