Transcription of sermon at Light of Christ Center in Huntsville, Alabama on July 30, 2017

Transcription of the sermon on July 30, 2017 at Light of Christ Center in Huntsville, Alabama:

Angel:   Hello Everyone! Can you guys hear me?   My name is Angelique but my nickname has been Angel since birth so you guys can just call me Angel.  When I was 19 years old I had a near death experience.  I overdosed on drugs at that time.  I felt my soul being pulled out through the back of my head right here in the nape of my neck which I learned later is called the Enlightenment Center and is where we actually leave our bodies when we die.  So, for about 5 hours I prayed and sang songs and asked to be saved.  During that time period, I met this massive force.  It didn’t look like anything except for kind of like a wall, kind of like a Sunami and I understood it to be God.  And it was massive and the energy coming from it was very intense and I said:  “Well God is a really small name for something so magnificent”  and it replied back to me:  “Ghashikta is a better name.” And I said:  “Ok.”  And I had conversations with Ghashikta through this dying experience and then I passed out eventually because I couldn’t keep pulling myself into my body any longer.  When I woke up later, I was still alive and I had promised that I would change my life if I was allowed to live.  So, I did!  I stopped doing drugs.  I started a path of some deeper self- discovery at that time.  I was still really young, I was only 19.  Over the course of the next 20 years (I’m really shortening this for you guys) I had a lot of experiences with Ghashikta.  I was able to begin hearing people’s hearts, hearing what people’s hearts were saying in conjunction with what their mouths were saying.  I was able to feel incongruences and congruencies.   I was able to feel energy much more clearly.  Through the course of my studies for about 15 years with a particular woman who channeled Archangel Michael, I was able to then begin translating energy through myself so that I could actually be able to understand words thru the heart’s message.  Because the Heart actually speaks in energy.  So, I then learned from my Father who has a PHD in Philosophy and Religion. He has translated all of the ancient languages of Christianity.  When I told him about this experience,  not that long ago, He said:  “Ghashikta?”  and I said “Yes” and he said: “That word means the ‘Holy History’ in German”.  So I was given a name that I didn’t even know what it meant until very recently in that regard.  So, anyway, in the year 2012, I had another near death experience where I had pneumonia and ever since that occurrence I began channeling them thru my voice.  I felt the huge energy enter my body and they would speak thru me.  The first time it happened was to a group of friends and then it just continued and accelerated after that.  So, now these are called the Messages from Your Heart.  And that is what is about to happen.  I will sing a song that Ghashikta taught me, they say it is their song and then they will be speaking to you today.   They say they are the Angelic Realm so I don’t know exactly what their topic will be – you’ll find out. (laugh) OK?    So, if you could all close your eyes and place your palms on your lap with your palms facing up.  And just relax.  (5:21)
(Ghashikta’s Song)
Ghashikta:  (9:59)   Good Afternoon or Good Morning.  Thank you for that wonderful welcoming.  What a beautiful thing you have to say about the Angelic Realm and quite accurate.  Have you all every thought about how the Angelic Realm compliments your humanity and vice-versa?  Normally we have questions and answers.  We understand you are not going to be asking questions but it is a good thing to consider and to think about.  And something that we consistently ask our students to think about.  It’s not only how do we compliment you but how do you compliment us?    And in regard to Matter versus Spirit: (which is essentially what the human experience is composed of, isn’t it?)(10:55)  You are expressing in these forms and we are expressing in forms that you can’t quite see.  Yes?  Yet, we still have structure.  We still have a specific kind of structure, similar to your gases here.  So, you cannot see Helium but it exists, Yes?   And you can breathe in Helium and it will change your voice. Yes? (laughter) You can also breathe us in and it will change your Heart.  You can breathe us in and it will change your voice.  You can breathe us in and it will change your thinking.  Yes?  So how does one do that?  How does one breathe in the Angelic Realm?  It’s a good question isn’t it?   Because many of you are wanting more connectivity.  And ultimately, that what it is, it is connectivity.  Because, we compliment your experience.   We are a harmonious part of your experience, even though you cannot see us.  And most of you come into this world not understanding that we are a harmonious component to your experience.  You have parents who have taught you, most of you, but not all of you, but most of you have had an upbringing that has taught you that you are separate and that Spirituality is something not what it actually is.  And that you do not have available to you at all times divine guidance.  And even if you were taught that you do have available to you at all times this divine guidance you were NOT properly taught how to get in touch with this divine guidance.  Do you all agree with that? 
Voices:  Yep! U-huh!
Ghashikta:  (13:24)  We speak that to you from a very broad place of observation because even those of you who did have the teaching of how to have guidance were not taught by someone who really, really understood guidance.  Do you understand what we are saying?  And how does this disconnection affect you as human beings?  Do you think it affects your thinking?  It does.  Do you think it affects your health?   It absolutely does!  And so there is a movement that we are very much a part of and it goes something like this:  There is an expression for humanity as a whole that has not been achieved - ever.  There is a harmony for humanity that has not yet been achieved and we very much want to help you achieve that which is possible.  Each one of you sitting in this room today is a .0% of your actual capabilities.  .01, .02, .03.  That’s not meant as an insult, its meant to inspire you in fact.  Because there are some mechanisms that are stuck in place and they go something like this:   Until humanity understands true kindness in all moments, in all moments, (that was a deep thing we just said) you are not able to fulfill your powers because it is a failsafe.  Because when there is selfishness and violence still in the heart of man, the failsafe kicks in and  you are not able to achieve the powers that you have.   Think deeply about that.  Why would you be created in such a way?  It’s really not that difficult to see when you look around at the world around you. And the fact that you guys are hair triggers away from destroying each other all the time.  So, if you are able to have these divine powers that are dormant within you fully activated...they can only be activated thru great love. Thru  great, great love.  And when activated thru great, great love the things that you can achieve will be that of like the Jesus that walked your planet.  And so, there are those who are walking around right now that are activating these powers through their ability to have the BROAD sense of love.  The broad sense of kindness. (16:59)   And we have a question for you, because for the first time in your experience, that which you call your conscience is activated at an even stronger degree.  Are you all able to feel that lately?  Yes?  So are you noticing that if you go against your conscience - you almost feel painful, painful in your heart, painful in your body.  Are any of you noticing this?  This is divine intelligence.  This is Divine Intelligence activated within you to bring all of you to the place, to the goal that we are speaking of.    Because there is such a vision that humanity can be kind and harmonious and can have all the super powers that you’ve dreamed of  - in a place that is fun and peaceful and loving. (18:17) So, this aspect, this Divine Intelligence within you that is creating this strong sense of conscience feels like it either blesses you or curses you.  That is the Spiritual component within you which is pushing every single one of you, not just in this room, but across this world, across this entire planet to become better.  And you will see, as you fight this force within you that you will experience more pain and more suffering.  Another word for this is resistance.  So, there is a path, there is a force, that flows thru each one of you and has the exact same goal for all of you and that is the Divine Intelligence of the bigger picture and it is strongly at work.    And so we would encourage you that in these moments when you are feeling your conscience, you’re feeling the choice to make, that you remember these words that we are offering you.  Because, as you choose to go with the path, as you choose to listen, as you choose to be in more harmony, as you choose to attune, your path will be easier and less painful.  But, as you resist, it will become more painful.  To us, this is very exciting.  Because, for the first time this Divine Intelligence has amped up to such a degree that you all can line up with it and you can get on board of this river and you can really begin to awaken that which is within you, that which is truly YOU.  It awakens all kinds of things…it even awakens your body’s ability to live many, many, many, many more years then what you think is possible.  This Divine power that surges within each and every one of you.  So, we encourage you, when you are feeling angry, sit in the anger, feel the anger, do not turn away from the anger, do not ignore the anger… but also, do not give into the anger’s temptations.  Allow the anger to consume you to the degree that it makes you so uncomfortable in your skin that you want to crawl out of it.  Because, when you have engaged that, you have then engaged the Divine flow with you, that Divine power within you, that Divine Intelligence within you that will then begin disseminating that type of energy.
It will neutralize it and it will transform it.  When you tune in to such a degree you have help like ours to help you do such things.  But when you are in avoidance of such emotions we cannot help you.  Do you understand what we are saying?  Does it make sense to you?  Because for each “negative emotion” there is a Spiritual component within that negative emotion that will further your Divine essence. Meaning that, every single time you have an emotional experience that is unsavory to you, you also have an opportunity to become greater than you were minutes before.  And each time you engage your ability to transform emotions like this, you become stronger, you become kinder, you become more of a teacher, you become more of a leader and you begin to truly engage that Divine power that is within you.  Furthermore, as you practice what we are speaking of, you activate the life force that’s available to you.  And you conserve the energy that you already have.  We can not even express to you how much energy you do not conserve by ignoring your emotional states.  Because, the brilliance of the way that you are composed, when you ignore something within you it is still activated and turning… ok?... and in fact, as it is activated and turning it is sending out a signal and that signal gets stronger and stronger and stronger.  This is why:   The signal gets stronger so that it can say: “Hey!” to other things like it and find harmony with those things which are not necessarily things you want.  If you have suppressed anger and are sending out a signal, do you think you are going to like the signal that answers?  Most likely not.  But here is why it happens:  It happens so it magnifies and draws it to your attention once again.  Because, when your attention is put upon it, most of you know this, when your attention is put upon it, you have the ability to begin transforming it.  And because there is Divine power within each of you, that expresses thru your presence, and we don’t mean presence like: “Ok, Here I Am” but we mean presence, presence, putting your heart’s awareness into it.  It begins to transform.  As you transform all of these things inside yourselves that have been ignored and ignored and ignored, you become different, you become bigger, you become wiser, you become stronger, you become more calm, you have more energy and as you have more energy you are more in touch with all of the things which are available to you.  And we don’t mean energy either in the way you are normally taught to think about energy.  This isn’t drink a Red Bull and I have energy now.  This is ENERGY !   I have the energy needed to make my organs function properly.  I have the energy needed to support the possible depth of my thoughts.  I have the energy needed to be able to listen to someone’s heart break and feel it in my heart as mine and help them transmute it.  I have the energy needed to feel large enough to bring peace and calm and comfort to others.  So, that space within you, that space within your heart, we call it your emotional heart, that space which processes through emotions, which feels emotions begins to grow, begins to grow on the outside of you all the way out into your energetic field so that, when you are in the presence of others - your field is affecting them and not in the way that its normally affecting them but in a different way, in a calmer way, in an inspiring way, in a healing way.
So, what we have been saying thus far, does it make sense to all of you?  If there is anyone that it doesn’t make sense to can you please raise your hand?  So, what we are saying is:  To make yourselves stronger, to make yourselves more powerful – get in touch with the path that you’re in.  Do you see? Don’t resist the path that you are in.  No matter how difficult. If fact, especially if its difficult!  Embrace it – Completely.  Feel it – Completely.  Let it fill you up – Completely.  Become completely uncomfortable within it so that you can begin dissolving that experience and moving on.  Ok?  Because there is no moving on if there isn’t a place of acceptance.  And there is no flow on the path – if there is not acceptance.  And if there is not flow on the path, then your life force is cut off.  And we are synonymous with your life force. Synonymous!   We are the essence of the Universe that you breathe into yourself.  We are the guides that whisper into your heart, directing you down your path. And every time you ignore that – you ignore us.  And when you ignore us, we cannot help you.  But when you embrace it and when you accept that the path that you are in is exactly correct, the difficulties you are experiencing are exactly correct and they are guiding you into the stronger version of yourself – so do not ignore them, do not ignore the difficulties.  Embrace Them! And allow that force to push you thru.  Allow it to transform you.  Abandon your need to be right all the time! We mean this with every particle of our Beingness.    Abandon your need to be right!  It is one of the worst things you do to yourselves.  These opinions – they are not that necessary.  Have it for a moment and then move on.  Center yourselves in your hearts.  Bring as much presence to your life and to those you love and to those you are in experiences with as much as possible.  And start to get to know this force that we are talking about.  Start to get to know what it feels like.  Start to get to know what it feels like when you are thinking and the force is helping you.  You’ll know because you will start having different thoughts.  You’ll know because the thoughts are not cyclical.  You’ll know because the thoughts feel inspiring.  When you are having a moment of not being able to forgive – allow yourself to feel the anger completely and realize:  “My goal here… my goal - is to forgive and I allow myself to feel the anger because I know I’m on my way to forgiveness.”  Can you feel the ease of what we are speaking of?  Does it feel easy to you when we explain it? 
Voice:  "The resistance is strong."
Ghashikta:   Yes.  But the flow is stronger and so it will break thru one way or another. But we are speaking to you in this way so you can have it easier on you because as the Divine Intelligence picks up its power as its doing every day those of you who decide to surrender to it will have a much easier path than those of you who do not.  Because you are all going, you are all going to the goal we are speaking of which is a better world, a more peaceful world and a world where humans are actually fulfilling their capabilities.  A world where humans understand that they are not separate from one another. A world where no one has to lock their doors because there IS NO VIOLENCE.  The force that’s moving thru you that is creating the difficulties that you feel within yourselves is the same force that is guiding you to this.  So, surrender to it.  Ok?!   And know that we are there in that force.  And when you feel yourselves in a place of resistance, try to calmly ask:  “Please help me.”  “Please help me feel that which is so uncomfortable for me to feel and help me transmute it into the beautiful spiritual component that is sitting in the center.  And then, help me become that.  Help me become Forgiveness.  Help me become Grace.  Help me become Peace.  Help me become Calm.  Help me BE these things and embody them completely.  So they are not ideas that I speak of or think of but they are WHO I AM!”  So when someone says:  “Who are you?”  They need only feel you.  Yes? 
We greatly appreciate you having us here today.  We are always on your side.  We are always rooting for you.  And we are happily picking up our strength and our power within your world to help you all create a much better place.  So please, hop on board completely, surrender to this flow completely and work together to create a much better world.  Yes?  We thank you!  (35:25)


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.