What Does It Mean To ‘Awaken’?

Every day we are inundated about awakening, yet it is possible that many have no idea what that means. Let’s discuss this from the most basic component: being asleep.

Spiritual Sleep

Being asleep spiritually is about being unaware of yourself, unaware of others and unaware of the world at large. Unawareness is a giant concept reaching deep into the fabric of humanity. To accept this epidemic of unawareness. we must all accept that we have been wandering around in the dark. We do not know where we came from. We are unsure of how we became human. We are pitifully unaware of how we are truly constructed and we are deeply insecure about our ignorance. It is from this space of honesty about our confusion that we must begin to understand the awakening that is occurring at this time. Awakening simply means that we are starting to discover who we are, what we are capable of and how we cultivate it. If we can begin each day with this beginners mind, we can make true strides in our learning and development (or our ‘awakening’).

The Angelic Realm

For me, everything began when I was 19-years old and had a near death experience. In that experience, I saw and felt clearly both the significance and insignificance of my life. I felt humbled to be gifted such a life and for the first time, actually ready to become a student of my life. During that experience, I met the Angelic Realm. I was in a terrified awe. I learned that what we are a part of is beyond our comprehension and our language. And that if we truly want to become what we are capable of, we have to accept that we are an immature species and be willing to mature in our most sensitive areas.

It took 13 years for the Angelic Realm to train me enough to speak through me. During this time period, I became an ultimate explorer of my inner world and how it was affecting the world around me. I am still learning how to shut up, be humble and learn from Beings who far surpass my own understanding. This Angelic Realm, named Geschichte, speaks through me many times a week now, teaching humanity about who we are and how we begin to access our Divine nature. Because what Geschichte has to say is more important than what I have to say, I will hand the rest of this article over to them.

Awakening as Art

The truth is that awakening is an art just like anything else of worth. An art is something to be cultivated, cherished, respected and nurtured into a life of its own. In order to awaken at a pace that yields significant results, you must accept that you know nothing. You know nothing about how this world actually works. You know nothing about energy and you know nothing about the true nature of life.

We know this sounds harsh, but the main reason humanity has trouble with awakening is that you are all too wrapped up in what you think you know, standing firmly on your position and defending that position to gain some kind of status. This is the perfect concoction of evolving slowly. You must be willing to hurt, be willing to purify, be willing to look at your own darkness. You must wake up daily ready to learn about that which is needing improvement and then be willing to implement new habits of being that will not be as fun as your old habits of distraction.

We are speaking of a mindset and a discipline that needs to be adopted in order to evolve. We, the Angelic Realm, have also undergone our own kind of awakening and it too was painful. We have developed our ability to completely surrender to the flow of creation, thereby never standing in the way of spiritual evolution. Because of this ability, we are no longer in pain. This is a very important thing to understand. Your amount of pain is directly related to your ability to accept, surrender and submit to the force which is greater than you that you are apart.

How to Begin

Once this mindset has been established, it is essential to seek out information that challenges the way you think and the way you perceive life in order to better understand where your opinions are coming from. Most humans have infinite opinions about subject matters of which they have no authority. Authority comes from deep exploration, trial and error, consistency, dedication, and effort over a long period of time. What we notice is that humans are samplers, unwilling to dedicate themselves fully to most concepts and therefore led by their own deep insecurities. To truly begin your awakening process, this type of attention and dedication is needed. Understanding that, we will give a short synopsis of what humans are so that you have a better comprehension of what you are awakening to.

Understanding Energy

Humans are energy first and foremost. All of existence is energy, even that which you perceive as matter. Energy has its own intelligence and its own intention and is therefore very complex. There is not just one type of energy. There are infinite types of energy and part of your awakening path is to become sensitive to the nuances of energy which are available to you through your deep exploration of dynamics. Dynamics are the doorway into understanding for mankind. One who is aware and honest about dynamics is perpetually in a learning state. To become honest and aware of dynamics, you must become honest and aware of your own emotions. You must learn how to access two points of perspective.

  1. The observant point of perspective meaning you become the watcher.
  2. The experiencing perspective meaning you hold profound presence while in the experience of emotional dynamics.

When these two points of perspective are practiced regularly, one has the ability to access MANY points of perspective to gain a fuller understanding of the dysfunctions being experienced and how to heal them. Upon that understanding, one can ACT according to this deep comprehension and begin to influence the flow of energy occurring in that area. When a healthy flow of energy is restored to any dysfunctional dynamic, it transforms into its true and healthy state offering you great insight into your true nature and what you are capable of.

Humanity as an Experience

The topic of humans being energy can be explored infinitely. But what must be accepted is that there are no words to explain exactly what energy is. It is an experience. The English language is incapable of capturing the essence of what humanity is because humanity is meant to be an experience. In a special sort of way, humanity is an experiment of the Bigger Picture, where there is an intention and an unfolding.

The intention is that humanity is meant to express the truth of The Bigger Picture’s greatest desire. The greatest desire is to experience itself in its most evolved state (which is continually evolving). This means there is nothing off limits or impossible but that the greatest desire is an ultimate state of harmony. This is achieved through individual free will creating a collective agreement. Once the collective agreement is in full expression, humanity will gain access to the Divine Power innately bestowed.

This Divine Power is what each one of you reading can feel deeply seated within you, strangely out of reach.  It is what gives you abilities that you dream about.  But until you find the selfish core of each dynamic your experience and transform it, you cannot gain access to this supernatural power. This is the fail-safe of the great intention. Humanity is the evolution, the unfolding. What you need to ask yourself is, “Am I in alignment with this unfolding or am I fighting it? Am I willing to be an instrument in achieving the greatest desire? And do I have the courage to undergo the tempering this life has to offer in order to truly know myself?”


    When Angelique Moselle Robbins was 19 years old, she had a near death experience from a drug overdose. In this experiesnce, she met the angelic realm who introduced themselves as “Geschichte”, which is a german word meaning history and story. Geschichte became an integral part of Angelique’s life, leading her into a special sort of training.