Keith Coley has been a Chinese Medical Intuitive for over 14 years and graduated with a Master's degree from The Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in 2004.

He has seen many patients over his career and has come to know that the healing of the heart is the ultimate healing for all of us. Of course addressing humanity's aches and pains is important, but seldom is chronic pain the result from a strictly physical origin. Usually we will find a deep wound or series of wounds that have manifested as a physical set of symptoms or signs, such as headaches, depression, cancer, heart disease and a many others.


So, practically speaking, what does that mean for you? It means he has the ability to help you find the deeper reason why you are ill and how to heal it.


He has been tutored and continues to be tutored by the greatest healer he has ever known, Master Ou Wen Wei. Keith also feels honored to be mentored by Angel-Ghashikta who teaches him to deeply listen to the heart and follow the profound intelligence that is in all of us. They are also responsible for teaching him their highly effective Healing Integration Therapy (HIT), which makes up 80% of his healing protocol. He harnesses the power of Pangu Shengong (qigong), HIT, and 15 years of his own treatment experience to effectively move into dysfunctional patterns within his clients and create relief and balance.