$19.99 monthly OR $200 Annually

This is the Prime Membership which gives you access to:

  • 80+ Meditations for Free

  • Access to all Videos



$1500 Duration: 6 weeks

This course is meant to allow people to experience what working with Geschichte on a weekly basis feels like. In this course you will:

  • Learn Pangu Shengong (moving form), a mystical qigong form that allows you to absorb essential energy from the universe to improve your overall health. (Practicing this qigong daily is required to move forward in the mentorship program. If you already know it, great!)

  • Practice sending energy that you cultivate to others.

  • Have mind bending conversations with Geschichte where you are able to see clearly your own dysfunctions and how to heal them.

  • Practice feeling the intricacies of dynamics and learning how to transform them

  • Have profound energetic assistance in facing the greatest difficulties in your life.

  • Receive 2 prescribed meditations that will alter your point of Magnetism profoundly.


$7500 Duration: 11 months

This is an extremely intimate and rigorous course where you will meet with Angel-Geschichte every week. It is designed to take you deep into your dysfunctions in order to bring awareness and heal them. All students report feeling like a different person when they graduate. When your ego is deconstructed and reconstructed, your perception of yourself drastically changes. When your perception changes, all of life changes with it.
In this course you will:

  • Learn the nonmoving form of Pangu Shengong.

  • Deconstruct the ego and false perceptions of yourself in order to rebuild them.

  • Have one on one time with Angel-Geschichte to solve the greatest problems in your life.

  • Be energetically assisted in identifying and transforming blockages, dysfunctions, thoughts, emotions

  • Learn how to improve your point of magnetism in as many areas as you are willing in order to have more desirable experiences.

  • Receive prescribed meditations that will propel you into your greatest healing and reset your baseline frequencies to alter your limiting perspectives and point of Magnetism.

  • Have countless tools to help you establish new patterns of thinking and behaving that will yield desired results in many areas.


$3500 Duration: 17 weeks

This is Geschichte’s energetic healing form. In this course you will learn how to Channel Geschichte’s energy to bring profound healing to yourself and others. You will:

  • Learn about the fields of information creating our human existence.

  • Learn how to affect each of these fields energetically.

  • Learn how to Channel the energy of the Angelic realm.

  • Learn how to affect the dynamics of anything with this energy. (Ie: haunted spaces, dynamics between people, dynamics of illnesses)

  • Learn about the energy centers of the body and how to bring them into harmony.)


*must have completed the intro course and the spiritual bootcamp


$7500 Duration: 11 months

This is a very rigorous course that teaches you how to communicate with people's hearts and their egoic field. You will:

  • Learn how to interpet energetic emission into words. (Telepathy)

  • Learn how to build energetic bridges from the unwanted experiences to the desired experiences for yourself and others. (Alchemy)

  • Receive prescribed meditations to help you in this process.

  • Learn how to write heart letters

  • Learn how to create powerful prescribed meditations that will help others heal their deep issues.


*must have completed the intro course and the spiritual bootcamp and Healing Integration Therapy part 1.




The beginning of a new way of experiencing life

We operate at a fraction of our potential and one of our most limiting factors is the total amount of life force we hold within us. Our bodies are meant to store vast quantities of energy in our muscles, connective tissue, bones and bone marrow. The beginning of this program will focus on developing the skills to cultivate an endless supply of life force that is necessary for a healthier life and will fuel your work as an energy worker. We will focus on the Pangu Shengong Moving Form (qigong) as our primary tool for building our essential energy for this course and our lives. No less than 45 minutes will be dedicated daily to this practice. Again, this is a necessary foundation for the work that will be done in this 8 week program.


A richer experience of life begins with the inner exploration of yourself. The dynamics you find within are of course reflected in your outer world. When you become familiar with your energetic infrastructure, you will notice areas that don’t flow freely. These areas of obstruction and distortion always relate to excessive emotional charge as well as influences from living life in less than a pristine environment. We will focus on the emotional component, since it seems to be most often overlooked and contains some of the largest influence on our health. This will be a time of daily discipline, as you will lead your consciousness deep within the dysfunction of your inner world, exploring pain you didn’t know existed or with which you thought you had completely dealt.

Your consciousness has no boundaries.

Our consciousness has no boundaries. The inner exploration you will do in this 8 week course will lay the groundwork for the exploration of others who have agreed to the journey. You will be paired with a different student every week from this point on until the completion of the course, in order to identify the dysfunctional patterns they contain within. This gift they will offer to you will hone your ability to identify what they need addressed to have a happier, healthier and longer life. During this time you will also know yourself better still as many of their patterns will resonate with yours. This will only bring more awareness to the things in your life you need to address in order to be more clear and whole.


The final part of our journey will be to join your consciousness with these patterns of disharmony and to transmute them, restoring life. This will require a lot of energy! You will need approximately 1 to 2 hours daily to dedicate to this program. This program is not for the faint of heart and it will change your life.


Material Covered

  • Cultivation of life force

  • Identification of intervertebral spaces and their correlation to organs systems

  • Exploration of intervertebral spaces with your consciousness and the identification of those sensations

  • The identification of emotional states and where you feel them in your body

  • Five element theory as stated in Chinese medicine and which organ systems belong to each element

  • General location of each major organ in the human anatomy

  • Controlling the location of your consciousness

  • Synchronizing your consciousness with another person’s energetic structure and replicating your inner navigation with their internal world

  • Moving your consciousness into patterns of dysfunction in your body and detection of blockage/disharmony.

  • Moving your consciousness into another person’s energetic structure and detecting blockage/disharmony.

  • Dissolving energetic blockage/disharmony in yourself and others.

  • Restoring flow and balance in your energetic structure and your clients

  • There will be a 2 HOUR live video conference call every week to discuss our progress and ask questions