Narcissistic Abuse is debilitating but you can recover and become the strongest version of yourself.


Signs you are suffering from Narcissistic Abuse:


-You feel crazy and that your version of reality is invalid. 

-You compromise your own integrity and values to appease another.

-Your feel alone and isolated.

-You take responsibility for things that aren't your fault.

-You feel consistently confused and have low self esteem.

-You feel like you're walking on eggshells.

-You feel that you aren't important in this world.


​You aren't crazy or overreacting.  You are trying to survive.  I can help you recover and thrive.


Sign up for my 6 week course "From Broken to Triumphant" to begin your profound healing journey.


* Online and self paced to fit your unique schedule.

Developed by a professional who has successfully helped countless narcissistic abuse victims.

The next best thing to one on one therapy and a fraction of the cost. 

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I have worked with countless victims of narcissistic abuse as well as survived it myself.  Narcissism in relationships is toxic and deeply damaging. It is essential to understand the dynamics of this type of relationship in order to heal from it and never repeat it.  This takes immense self awareness and willingness to create strong boundaries.  Most who have suffered this kind of abuse are confused about boundaries, believing that having strong boundaries is a type of cruelty.  It is imperative to be able to deeply assess all weak points in one's perception of self to understand where the manipulation is taking place and how to strengthen those weaknesses to successfully stand confident and self reliant.  Creating that sense of self is an important process.  All of this is addressed in my program.


“From Broken to Triumphant” completely changed how I was holding my perception of myself in relation to the narcissist I was divorcing.  I realized that I allowed his perception of me to manipulate my perception of me so severely that I didn’t know who I was anymore.  I had lost all sense of self, calm, and trust.  The guided meditations brought a calm back that I desperately needed.  The exercises in self awareness helped me understand what I was truly feeling and thinking about my situation.  The assignments in using my body to express emotions really helped so many suppressed emotions surface and give me immense relief and deeper insight.  And last but not least, the imaginative exercises to establish who I wanted to become set me on a path I couldn’t have seen otherwise.  I feel that I created my own blueprint of recovery through this course and I am very grateful.  I know I have a long way to go but having this course as one of my tools is priceless.” -CLP​

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