$99 $350

Duration: 6 weeks

You aren't crazy or overreacting. You are trying to survive. I can help you recover and thrive.

  • Online and self paced to fit your unique schedule.

  • Developed by a professional who has successfully helped countless narcissistic abuse victims.

  • The next best thing to one on one therapy and a fraction of the cost.


Both moving and non moving forms are $120.
The daily performance of the moving form for 30 days is the requirement to learn the Nonmoving Form.

Pangu Shengong is an extraordinarily powerful exercise created to cultivate life force in order to bring deep healing to its students. It was brought to life by Master Ou Wen Wei as the synthesis of his transformative relationship with God. All those who daily practice this qigong find that their emotional, physical and spiritual health is nurtured to levels previously unexperienced.


Master Ou was unjustly imprisoned when he was 26 during the Chinese communist revolution. He entered prison as an atheist and soon encountered God who proceeded to teach him the history and dynamics of the universe. His body was mystically transformed and Master Ou has not been ill since this encounter. He was eventually was released from prison and his metamorphosis continues to this day. His ability to heal and transmute pain increases every year. He is 70 years old.


Angel and Keith power their lives with Pangu Shengong everyday. This qigong fuels their healing and teaching practices allowing them to have more than enough life force for themselves and those with whom they interact.

Nonmoving Form of Pangu Shengong

You will learn the basic principles of the Nonmoving Form of Pangu Shengong, and how to do the Nonmoving Form. You will be given tips about how to apply the Nonmoving Form in your daily life to achieve astounding results.


The Nonmoving Form is a more advanced form of qigong, and no physical movement is required. The form is designed to strengthen the nervous system, the Spirit, increase mental capacity and cultivate intuitive abilities. The daily practice of this form to absorb universal energy can take place anywhere, allowing one to set aside concerns of privacy or how others view your activity.

Moving Form of Pangu Shengong

The Moving Form is the basis of Pangu Shengong, and takes about 20 minutes to complete. This exercise cultivates Qi, and is designed to promote health, vitality, balance and a sense of well-being through the strengthening of the Life Force.
You will learn the basic principles and how to do the moving form of Pangu Shengong. You will get a basic understanding about how and why Pangu Shengong brings great benefits to people.